• Value Creation

  • Success Means Having the Right Tools for the Job
    When you’re trying to get something really important done, it’s hard to do it when you don’t really have the necessary skills and people available. In most cases, direct resources and effort in the wrong places can increase the amount of work and limit the value of the overall result(s).  A qualified consultant can help you overcome important hurdles that bring you closer to your goals.

  • Enter Clean Conduit – Value Creation for Important Initiatives

    Clean Conduit Inc. allows you to gain access to experts at a reasonable cost, right when you need them. You pay only for the services that you need and call on us when projects and business demands additional support.

    By engaging us, you can be assured that we will focus on the tasks that are most important to you. We stay focused on providing valuable, positive results while encouraging amicable relationships, helping your project move forward in the proper direction.

    Clean Conduit works closely with your team to identify and report what's truly necessary to achieve your contemplated goals and ensure the implementation is user-friendly and effective. We have the grit and tenacity to ask hard questions and pride ourselves in acting as your trusted advisor. We are business owners, too, who understand the value of a pragmatic, holistic approach to getting things done. We value input from your team to ensure your team is on board to adopt the implementation strategy and ensure the job is done right the first time.

  • Growth & Ambition Brings Challenges

    As a business grows and takes-on new challenges, there are many factors that fluctuate and that cannot be predicted.  

    The actual date your internal team, service providers and contractors deliver on their commitments will vary.  How well your team performs and how motivated they are is important to realize the corporations goals in a reasonable timeframe.

    Cashflow can be a major issue.  Lack of answers or poor understanding of problems breads complacency towards maintaining status quo and results in protracted decision making.  Unforeseen circumstance that require rework, particularly equipment and infrastructure projects, can be quite costly.

    In addition, changes and lack of awareness in jurisdictional market and system laws that affect your business such as policies, regulations, statutes, etc. can pose significant risk.

    The factors described above can derail timelines and deliverables on which core functions, initiatives, customers, suppliers, and projects are dependent. When things don’t go as planned, a great deal of stress results, and, ultimately, additional work, cost and lost opportunity.

  • Deliverables and Timelines Should Allow for Success

    When things don’t go as planned, work tends to increase, frustration mounts, and confusion sets-in. At the same time, employees are having to deal with challenges beyond their typical line of duty, concerns that things are not going as planned, uncomfortable interactions with other staff and outside personnel, as well as experiencing an escalation in the effort required to fulfill commitments.

    While the scenario we just described may seem overblown, it’s more common than you might think, especially for corporations with limited resources, like startups and SMEs.

  • The Right Use of Technology

    We believe that technology, properly adopted by client personnel, will result in enhanced productivity and overall savings. As experienced business leaders, we future-proof teams all the while maintaining the best interests of the company at the forefront.

  • Experience & New Perspectives

    Clean Conduit has over 30 years of combined experience in the areas of cleantech, entrepreneurship, technology deployment/adoption, procurement, and project management. We work with multi-disciplinary teams to identify gaps, improve processes, define requirements, and create actionable paths to better outcomes.  We bring experience from having worked with many corporations, allowing your firm to benefit from new perspectives and objectivity.  In addition, we are often asked to assist with important and complex projects which, by nature of such projects, requires thinking outside the box to meet timelines and budgets, as well as satisfy expectations.

  • Fair Rates & Available Fee Offsets

    Operating with very low overhead, we extend fair and competitive rates to our clients. Clean Conduit has often found avenues for cashflow that offsets the cost to hire us. This includes CanExport (up to $65,000), CM&E (up to $25,000) and other engagements where our project management fees qualify to be paid by a third party.