• Sales & Marketing

  • Qualified Service Provider with Canadian Manufactuer's and Exporters

    We are pleased to announce that Clean Conduit has been approved as a Qualified Service Provider (QSP) to conduct Technology Assessments for manufacturers in Southern Ontario.  This program is administered by Canadian Manufacturer’s & Exporters (CM&E).  FedDev will reimburse up to $25,000 of qualifying costs associated with the assessment.

    This grant can apply to engineering, business enterprise and sales applications.  In fact, we are working with a client to assess the feasibility of a web application aimed at bolstering international sales.  Please see the "Engineering" tab under "Value Creation" for further details.

  • Customer Solutions for Leading Stewardship and Recycling Consultancy in Canada

    Clean Conduit was retained by Reclay StewardEdge to provide customer solutions related mainly to tire compliance services and extended producer responsibility (EPR) advisory services.  We had the pleasure of working closely with well-established corporations across Canada to identify and curate valuable services that allowed them to meet their goals in the areas of:

    • improved Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) funding efficiency;
    • compliance under the Resource Recovery & Circular Economy Act;
    • advisory services related to consumer packaging trends, regulations and policy;
    • manufacturing and distribution facility waste reduction;
    • recycling and sustainability performance reporting and optimization;
    • GHG reporting;
    • other valuable services that Reclay StewardEdge offers
  • Export Market Development via Market Research and Lead Generation - CanExport and Trade Commissioner Services

    Clean Conduit was retained by a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial and municipal equipment to investigate the Southeast Asian market, South American market, and the European market.  The research and intelligence we provided under a limited budget resulted in three sales opportunities, confirmation of a local manufacturer’s representative and travel to the region by the regional sales manager to further explore business opportunities.  This engagement was part of a CanExport grant which we helped obtain on behalf of the client.  It allowed development of an international market where the client had not exported in the trailing two fiscal years.  At present we are in the process of undertaking  our fourth engagement with the client having completed the Philippines, Indonesia, and Columbia in successive years.

  • Deep Energy Retrofits with Efficiency Capital and The Atmospheric Fund

    Clean Conduit worked with The Atmospheric Fund (TAF) and Efficiency Capital to advance turnkey, fully-financed, energy retrofit projects for the industrial, commercial and multi-unit residential sector in Canada. Efficiency Capital finances projects that significantly reduce total energy consumption through enhanced efficiency and conservation while effecting operational cost savings at the same time.  The capital cost of implementation is offset by the savings incurred.  Risk is mitigated through performance-based contracting.  This is an excellent initiative that has gained momentum as part of the Transform TO program.