• Lower GHG Emissions

  • Take Assertive Action

    Everyone has a role to play in reducing global GHG emissions.  Clean Conduit provides consulting services to the cleantech industry and is plugged-in to the many available pathways to a low-carbon economy.  We are also deeply concerned with the existential threat of climate change and will do our part to take assertive action by making others aware of the ways they can make a positive contribution to lowering GHG emissions.

    This section of our website presents opportunities for GHG emissions reduction including education on the science of climate change and why it's so important to take immediate steps to reduce our carbon footprint.  As consumers, individuals are the ultimate decision makers, setting-off a cascade of supply chain measures to satisfy our needs.  Let's make informed choices that ensure those products and services are backed by responsible environmental, sustainable and governance standards.

  • Understand Climate Change

    A tremendous amount of information is available in the public domain related to climate change.  There is also a great deal of "noise" that leads to questions and confusion. 

    To help you better understand what's really happening, take a moment to review our curated resources and commentary to better understand why climate change needs to be addressed with the utmost level of importance.  We attempt to provide an unbiased view of the facts so that you can draw your own conclusions.

  • Learn about clean technologies that has promise or is in place to lower global GHG emissions.

  • Learn how you can take important steps to lower your overall environmental footprint and live a sustainable lifestyle.

  • While consumers are the ultimate decision makers, they are largely limited by the choices that corporations provide to them.  This section is for owners and employees to discover how to take immediate and decisive action that lowers their carbon footprint. 

  • Review our curated list of available funding for Canadian corporations to expand sustainable practices and projects in Canada and abroad.