• Engineering

  • Qualified Service Provider (QSP) with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CM&E)

    We are pleased to announce that Clean Conduit has been approved as a Qualified Service Provider (QSP) to conduct Technology Assessments for manufacturers in Southern Ontario.  This program is administered by Canadian Manufacturer’s & Exporters (CM&E).  FedDev will reimburse up to $25,000 of qualifying costs associated with the assessment.

    Summary of the TAP is below but details can be obtained by following this link:

    • Provides up to $25,000 reimbursement of consulting fees as well as eligible expenses incl. travel.
    • Assessment to be performed for a plant in Southern Ontario to qualify.
    • Manufacturers and companies that assemble manufactured goods that are produced by third parties into a larger assembly will qualify. 
    • A high-level list of qualified activities is provided below and there is some flexibility.
    • Assessments can focus on areas such as:
    • Productivity
    • Process flow
    • Quality (for example, ISO Certification)
    • Waste reduction
    • Environmental impact (various green certifications)
    • Energy efficiency (production level)
    • Information and management systems

    If you're interested in learning more about how we can make a significant impact at your facility with this assessment please be in touch!

  • Site Representation for Construction of Organic Waste Processing Facility

    Clean Conduit acted as Owner's Representative for a major project lead by an innovative, Canadian Cleantech company that treats biosolids (organic waste) and converts it into a valuable commodity.  In comparison to competing technologies that were considered, the project represented a net savings in capital and operating costs while simplifying operations at the same time.  We assisted with procurement, problem resolution, evaluations, solution development, permitting, client interaction, contractor administration, payment certification, scope of work negotiations, etc.

  • Cannabis Derivative Product Manufacturing Facility - Project Management

    Clean Conduit provided project management, procurement and management consulting for the build-out of a flagship $35M+ facility that holds a Dealer’s Licence for Controlled Drugs and Substances from Health Canada.  The facility accommodates end-to-end delivery of products within two main segments: Medical Products and Consumer Packaged Goods.  Our role was to coordinate the efforts of scientists, manufacturers, vendors, contractors and service providers towards the successful development of the facility and launch of innovative products on a very tight timeline.  The facility was successful to be one of the few cannabis firms to launch products immediately upon legalization 2.0 in January, 2020.  Our work included procurement of automated packaging and quality equipment, collaboration with contractors and designers, process equipment selection, production flow, and product development planning. We accelerated the delivery and synthesis of information to advance our client's program in lockstep with their team.  It was a pleasure working with the a highly skilled team of innovators in this new Canadian vertical market.  

  • Net-Zero Pyrolysis Project - Equipment Procurement

    Clean Conduit was retained to assist with commercialization of a revolutionary, net-zero technology that transforms organic matter (derived from waste by-products) into valuable commodities with nutritive, calorific, and adsorption characteristic, depending on formulation methods.  The final product has been proven for as a net-zero, alternative substrate for multiple beneficial reuse streams. It is also capable of generating renewable energy.  We were actively involved in procurement of major equipment from an international supplier with specialty in the specific field of pyrolysis.  This project was conducted under a grant from Sustainable Technology Development Canada (SDTC).

  • Operations Optimization of Biosolids-to-Fertilizer Plant - India

    Clean Conduit travelled to India to enhance the capacity of an organic waste-to-fertilizer facility and provide solutions for observed deficiencies.  The facility converts high volume of organic waste and industrial by-products into a valuable fertilizer.  A number of low-cost procedural modifications were implemented, training provided and equipment procured to further enhance the capacity of the facility to approximately 400 metric tonnes per day capacity.  This represented significant improvement over the 75-100 tonnes per day prior capacity.