• Business Consulting

  • Due Diligence Reporting and Presentations

    Clean Conduit has assisted multiple Ontario SME's with consolidation and preparation of due diligence materials in support of acquisition transactions and financing (debt and equity).  We prepared graphics, technical commentary, and professionally formatted reports while also participating in value-added strategy discussions and review of consolidated materials provided by the client.  In addition, modern slide decks were created for investor presentations with embedded financials, technical, and operational data embedded within.  These services leveraged our commercial experience, technical and analytical expertise, as well as our desktop publishing services.

  • Feasibility Study for a New Organics Treatment Facility - South America

    Clean Conduit was retained by a Canadian cleantech firm with proven technology for the production of certified fertilizer from organic waste and processed mineral aggregate.  We travelled to South America to conduct a feasibility study in collaboration with the local, municipal government, the local university, a local industrial producer of clean aggregate waste.  The intent was to reclaim residual organic waste and process it in a different manner than what was currently being deployed.  The resultant material would provide multiple benefits to the local community as a beneficial reuse fertilizer rather than the existing process which resulted in waste to landfill.  The study involved acquisition and testing of samples, and synthesis and reporting of information obtained from local municipal partners and industries.  The results were provided in a final report with commentary on the technical opportunities, risks, benefits, and considerations of undertaking the project.

  • Customer-Sited, Residential Energy Management System (Feasibility Study)

    Clean Conduit was retained to conduct a feasibility review of a proposed energy storage system for the Middle East & North Africa ("MENA") region.  The scale of the project required discussions and meetings with energy storage providers across the globe, including Tesla, LG Chem, Panasonic, Iguana Technologies, Electrovaya, and several other prominent battery providers.  The storage system provided was to possess the breadth of operations experience to facilitate the needs of the client.  The project culminated with a final report that offered guidance on the proposed system and the business case for commercialization.  We advised the client of the many risks associated with the project which led them to develop other technology that was awarded SDTC funding two years later.

  • Clean Conduit is pleased to be involved in these projects.  We thank our clients for allowing us the opportunity to assist them in advancing innovation towards a sustainable, circular economy.